Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions

Interactive solutions allow you to engage with your audience in extraordinary ways. … Whether it’s for your meeting room, lobby, classroom, command centre, courtroom, or training facility, interactive solutions offer a level of engagement and excitement unlike any other.

SMART is a world leader in technology for education and business.  Over 30 years of innovation has culminated in interactive whiteboards and displays and software that connect students and business people, lesson content and devices into unified learning and business collaboration experiences. We elevate learning and communicating outcomes with intuitive technology that is purpose built for education and business.

We provide solutions purpose-built by working with people worldwide to guide our product design in order to promote efficiency and profitability to each one specific case we work on.

Flat Panels

Used in over 3 million classrooms globally, SMART Board® interactive displays are purpose-built to support teaching approaches that affect learning outcomes. We work with teachers and students worldwide to guide our award-winning product design. To ensure you get the most from your investment, we support you from planning and implementation to training and support.


With a display of up to 135” our interactive whiteboards are built to display large images and make your classroom a lot more digital and interactive.
When combined with our ultra-short throw projectors, your lessons are now brighter and sharper than ever before and can be more easily grasped by your students.

Software Solutions

For Education: Transform static content into interactive experiences with the world’s best lesson delivery, assessment, collaborative workspace and game-based learning software suite. Bring students together, providing them with an inspiring interactive canvas to explore topics and co-create.

For Business: Don’t bother erasing. Just keep working. SMART Meeting Pro lets teams capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive workspace. The Unbound Workspace expands as colleagues add images, files, links and notes – even over multiple displays and meetings – for enhanced collaboration.

Accessories / Other Hardware

Products and hardware that add extra value to any Interactive Solution for both Business and Education.